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Personal Development Coaching Sailing ‘Taster’ Days North Wales

sailing courses for women in business personal development coachingWhen did you last focus on your learning, skill development and performance?

Book your sailing taster weekend, or day taster from beautiful Conwy in North Wales aboard the Yacht Testa Rossa

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Coaching Afloat ... The Misty Menai Straits North Wales

Coaching Afloat … The Misty Menai Straits North Wales

Coaching Afloat : Personal Development Coaching. Book Yours Today.

A yacht sails well when everyone on board works together; the main jobs are skipper and crew, the crew handle the lines and sheets (ropes) to control the sails and steer the boat using a wheel or tiller. The skipper’s main role is to ensure that everyone on board has a safe passage, takes responsibility for departing and arriving at a berth and many of the navigation decisions en route.

When learning to sail, a skipper, who may also be a qualified instructor, enables crew to learn how the sailing yacht operates and become aware of important safety aspects on board. The skipper/instructor uses teaching and coaching techniques to encourage the crew to take an active part in sailing the yacht and become accustomed to the feel of how the yacht drives when under sail or power. Including how to make drinks and meals when underway, and even sleeping when on an extended passage.

This is what we do with Horizon Sailing – everyone who comes on board is invited to participate according to their capabilities. People generally find that the more they take part, the more they gain from the sailing trip. At the beginning of a trip, Catherine asks people what they would like to achieve – this could be ‘just the experience of sailing a yacht’ or more specific skills and techniques such as mooring in strong tide or navigation; or it may be an opportunity for enjoying time with family and friends. A sailing trip can be designed to suit! The key questions, ‘what would you like to achieve?’ and ‘how long would you like to spend on board?’

Catherine – thank you for making the weekend such an adventure. Beautiful scenery and getting up close to wildlife was a treat. Your patience and guidance helped two complete novices overcome nerves and made us feel safe, even through the ‘mother of all storms’ (thunder, lightning and heavy rain). I will always remember waking up to sea mists at sunrise, and coffee on deck is just a perfect way to start the day. Thank you so much…K”

Catherine Dobson is the Director of CD Psychology and Horizon Sailing, She teaches best practice in business performance and people performance, influencing change through positive psychology; making workplaces good for your health and sailing experiences for you and your team. Catherine’s professional background as Chartered Psychologist (also registered as a Clinical Psychologist with the Health and Social Care Professions Council) provides a unique combination of sailing and psychology. Professional memberships include British Psychological Society, Association of Business Psychologists and the Court of Protection Practitioners Association. Catherine is keen to promote the importance of keeping active, experiencing the great ‘outdoors’ as a natural learning environment. Contact Catherine.

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